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Commemorate Your Triumph Over Evil: Diablo IV Hardcore Victories

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Commemorate Your Triumph Over Evil: Diablo IV Hardcore Victories

Sep 07 2022
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Since the release of Diablo IV, courageous wanderers have set out into Fractured Peaks with the sole desire to eradicate evil. We will commemorate the bravery of some valiant players by building a permanent tribute to them on Blizzard’s Irvine campus as part of our Diablo IV Hardcore Victories sweepstakes.

The first 1,000 players who reached Level 100 with one character in Hardcore mode will have their name inscribed on an elegant statue of the Blessed Mother, Lilith. To be eligible*, players had to send a public Tweet to @Diablo using #Diablo4Hardcore with their ID, and include a video or photo illustrating that they earned the Tempered Champion in-game title on their account.

The results are in. Here is a list of the first 1,000 wanderers to achieve Level 100 in Hardcore mode and post the requested information on Twitter, organized by the time they hit this milestone in game. Congratulations for overcoming Lilith’s legions!

We wish you luck in slaying the demons of the Burning Hells!

-The Diablo IV team

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