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Diablo 4: Turn Back Crimson Tides with Erys in a New Quest

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Diablo 4: Turn Back Crimson Tides with Erys in a New Quest

Jul 11 2023
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At first, they targeted small hamlets, descending upon insignificant prey and tearing into their jugular—a most grisly death to befall someone. But then their ambitions grew, and they became sloppy, greedy. That’s when word of suspicious vampire activity met your ears, wanderer.

Magistrate Oren, the distraught leader of a town badly plagued by these bloodthirsty assailants, needs your help in investigating the recent slew of murders. Enter Sanctuary’s vampire-infested underbelly in a new Questline, recruit the skillful vampire hunter Erys to your cause, and discover the sinister plot of the Dark Master behind it all.

Your monstrous new adversaries are not a typical demonic disturbance and require you to harness their Vampiric Powers with the aid of new Pact Armor. You must unleash your newfound power on its originators in a most ruthless display to put them to rest. Only then may Sanctuary be truly safe for a spell.

Embark on this new Questline by heading over to Ked Bardu. Speak to Oren and he will set you off on the Blood Money quest.

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