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Diablo IV Coming to Steam on October 17!

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Diablo IV Coming to Steam on October 17!

May 21 2023
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The gates of the Burning Hells have opened once more, welcoming more of Lilith’s children home.

Diablo IV is a game about slaying nightmarish creatures and acquiring powerful gear, but also about forging memories with new and old friends. We want to break down barriers to make it easier for wanderers everywhere to defend Sanctuary.

Which is why we’re honored to announce…Diablo IV will be available to play on Steam starting October 17! The Diablo IV Steam page is live now, and the game is available to wishlist.

Diablo IV’s presence on Steam is in addition to, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, so wanderers playing the game on any existing platform need not make any changes. Those wanting to play on Steam will need to first purchase the game on that platform, then connect Diablo IV to a account (as we require for all platforms). This enables cross-platform play and more. Players using Steam will have access to features specific to that platform, such as Steam achievements, their Steam friends list, and the option to invite those friends to play in-game. We’re looking forward to seeing more defenders of Sanctuary band together and welcome any feedback you may have.

The timing of Diablo IV’s launch on Steam couldn’t be better! It coincides with the release of Season of Blood, our second Season, which introduces a new Questline for you to uncover, Vampiric Powers to wield with terrifying lethality, 5 additional endgame bosses, and more. To get a full overview of the upcoming Season of Blood, visit this article or catch up on our Developer Update Livestream that occurred today.

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